Anne Eléonore Gagnon

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»Nicéphore +« Biennale international de photographie Clermont-Ferrand

Launched in autumn 2000, the first Nicéphore + festival set out to explore how the perception of reality and our relationship with the image have changed since the birth of photography, some 160 years ago. 20 years on, the biennial still aims to raise questions about developments in this medium, driven by the emergence of new technologies that are likely to influence our modes and capacities of perception.

Sa. 25.11.2023
Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel - Regensburg
Englisch/Französisch mit Simultanübersetzung
Anne Eléonore Gagnon

Scenographer and exhibition curator for Sténopé, Nicéphore+ biennial (Clermont-Ferrand)

Organised by the Sténopé association, each edition of the Nicéphore+ biennial aims to explore a theme through a wide range of photographic experiments.

Anne Eléonore Gagnon is scenographer for the biennial, as well as for the various events and initiatives organised by Sténopé.

Until 2016, she founded and directed the Grand Angle gallery, which specialises in contemporary photography and the promotion of emerging artists.

She is currently a freelance curator and scenographer, as well as a consultant on photographic projects, both in the publishing and exhibition fields.